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Complaints Procedure

Complaints policy

All complaints are treated with fairness and consistency. To file a complaint, contact us through our contact form.

Content reporting

If you encounter any content on our website that you believe is illegal or non-consensual, report it promptly via our contact form. We are committed to resolving such complaints within 1 business day. Upon receipt, a Customer Support Manager will investigate and ensure timely removal of any inappropriate content. All complaints will be logged for record-keeping.

Appeal procedure

If you are featured in content on our website without consent, you can request removal by contacting us through the contact form. Provide essential details, including the URL. Our dedicated department will assess whether proper consent was obtained. If not, the material will be promptly and permanently removed to prioritize your satisfaction and privacy.

General complaints

For general complaints or account-related queries, contact us through the contact form. Please note that general complaints may take up to 7 business days for resolution.